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Facing cervical cancer may be prevented

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HPV can affect guys, too

It’s a fact… Men can get genital warts and HPV-related cancers, even with the protection of a condom.

Help protect yourself with GARDASIL®9, the 1st and only vaccine that helps protect against 9 HPV types.

It’s a fact… HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer and genital warts.

Protect your child with GARDASIL®9, the 1st and only vaccine that helps protect against 9 HPV types.

What will your story be?

What if you could help prevent CERVICAL CANCER with a vaccine?

The stories are real. The women are real. The risk is real.


Why should I care about HPV?

Genital warts and cancer – need we say more? If you haven't heard that certain cancers and diseases are caused by some types of HPV, it’s time you did. For most, HPV (or human papillomavirus) clears on its own. But for others who don't clear the virus, it can cause potentially serious diseases.

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Who’s at risk?

About 3 in 4 sexually active Canadians will have at least one HPV infection during their lifetime. Many people who have HPV don’t even realize it because the virus often has no signs or symptoms – which mean that they can pass on the virus to others without knowing it.

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How does GARDASIL®9 work?

When you receive the GARDASIL®9 vaccine, your immune system produces antibodies against the 9 HPV types contained in the vaccine. If you have been exposed to one of these types, the antibodies may help defend against developing infection and related diseases.

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You may have private health insurance through work or school that covers vaccination with GARDASIL®9.

You or your healthcare provider should contact your plan directly.


Public funding for GARDASIL®9 varies by province or territory and by age.

Find out more about government coverage in your province.