What if you could help prevent cervical cancer with a vaccine?

HPV is responsible for nearly 100% of cervical cancer cases.

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The GARDASIL®9 vaccine is available in clinics and pharmacies across Canada. Get vaccinated today!

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The Lanctots*

Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, you could still be at risk. This is the Lanctots’ C-story.

In memory of Stephanie.
Stephanie was diagnosed at age 24.

She was diagnosed when she was just starting out in her career, with her whole life ahead of her. She fought hard until the end. She was always making everyone laugh.

“We gave our daughter the wedding of her dreams, and 5 weeks later she passed away.”

The Lanctots*

“We gave our daughter the wedding of her dreams, and 5 weeks later she passed away.”

Today, her very loving family are speaking out to help others from having to suffer what Stephanie went through.

The stories are real. The women are real.
The risk is real.

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Why should your child get vaccinated?


Your children can get the virus at any point in their lives once they are sexually active – which is why getting vaccinated before they are sexually active is recommended. Vaccination with GARDASIL®9 helps prevent infection with the HPV types that cause most genital warts and certain HPV-related cancers.

All it takes is 1 infected partner to be infected.

Check out the Patient Guide to learn more about HPV vaccination.

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Know the facts about HPV

FACT: Using condoms may not be enough to protect your child from getting an HPV infection.

HPV, or the human papillomavirus, is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world today and can affect any man or woman who is sexually active. Using condoms may reduce the chances of getting HPV, which is highly contagious, but condoms do not provide full protection. Your child can still get infected just by skin-to-skin or oral contact with the genital area, and without having intercourse.

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If your daughter is aged 9 or older, GET HER VACCINATED to help prevent cervical cancer.

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Speak with a healthcare professional today – right on your smartphone or computer – about whether HPV vaccination could be right for your child.

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* Actual Canadian cervical cancer patient. May not be representative of all patients.
† Some conditions and fees may apply.