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We get it – you’re busy! Speak with a healthcare professional today — right on your smartphone or computer — about whether HPV vaccination could be right for you.

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Explore the list of some of the available virtual healthcare providers. Depending on your province of residence, some conditions and fees may apply.

Available nationwide in Canada

Appletree Medical Group

Appletree offers counselling via video consultations with licensed Canadian doctors and specialists. Consultation services and vaccination are also available at one of their 60+ medical clinics across Ontario.

Covered by OHIP.

Tia Health

Tia Health provides video chat, phone and secure messaging consultations with licensed Canadian doctors.

Covered by OHIP, AHCIP, MSP.

WELL Health VirtualClinic+

WELL Health VirtualClinic+ connects you to a fully licensed Canadian physician by phone, video chat and secure messaging.

Covered by OHIP, AHCIP, MSP.

Last updated July 2020.
AHCIP=Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan; OHIP=Ontario Health Insurance Plan; MSP=Medical Services Plan.

This is not a comprehensive list of all available virtual healthcare providers in Canada.


It can be easy to forget the questions you wanted to ask your doctor. Prepare for your visit with these helpful questions about HPV and prevention.


You’re all set to speak with a healthcare professional about HPV prevention and whether vaccination could be right for you! If you and the healthcare professional determine that vaccination is appropriate, they will work with you to determine the best clinic or pharmacy to send your prescription to. Any advice you receive is at the discretion of the healthcare professional you speak with.


If you intend to get vaccinated right away, make sure you call ahead and check if someone is available to administer the vaccine. If you prefer to pick up the vaccine and get vaccinated elsewhere or at a later date, please ensure you store it in a refrigerator between 2–8ºC as soon as possible after purchasing it.

Many private insurance plans reimburse some or all of the cost of GARDASIL®9; check with your provider and bring your private insurance card when picking up your vaccine for quick reimbursement.


Private insurance coverage
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