What if you could help prevent cervical cancer with a vaccine?

 HPV is responsible for nearly 100% of cervical cancer cases.

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Even if you think you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you could still be at risk. This is Melissa's C-story.

Diagnosed at age 26.

I had always been extremely conscientious and proactive about my health. I would go out of my way to get tested for things, even if there were no real reasons to be concerned. I was also living a very healthy and active lifestyle. I was travelling and studying abroad. Then, while on a ski trip, I looked at my phone to see a bunch of missed calls from my doctor's office. They wanted me to know right away that I had cervical cancer and needed to return immediately for treatment.

“I kept thinking, just get to the end, get back to the old me. But I have come to realize that anyone who goes through this experience is starting anew”

“I kept thinking, just get to the end, get back to the old me. But I have come to realize that anyone who goes through this experience is starting anew”

Today, at 28 years old, Melissa has finally just finished her treatments and is now working to raise awareness about HPV-related cancers in order to help other women protect themselves.

The stories are real. The women are real.
The risk is real.

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Why should you get vaccinated?

GARDASIL®9 is the first and only vaccine indicated for the prevention of infection by 9 HPV types.

  • Seven of these HPV types can cause cervical cancer. Plus, GARDASIL®9 helps protect against 2 HPV types that can cause genital warts

HPV does not discriminate. Anyone who has ever been sexually active is at risk.

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Know the facts about HPV

FACT: Even if you’ve already had an HPV infection, you can still benefit from HPV vaccination.

There are over 200 different types of HPV, with approximately 40 types that infect the genital tract. That means, even if you’ve been infected with one type of HPV, you can still be infected with another. And if you’re already infected with one type of HPV contained in the vaccine, GARDASIL®9 will help protect you against the other eight types.

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If you’re aged 9–45, GET VACCINATED to help prevent cervical cancer.

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* Actual Canadian cervical cancer patient. May not be representative of all patients.
† Some conditions and fees may apply.

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