What if you could help prevent cervical cancer with a vaccine?

HPV is responsible for nearly 100% of cervical cancer cases.

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Even if you think you’re in the prime of your life, you could still be at risk. This is Liz’s C-story.

Diagnosed at age 24.

I had just started my first job. I’d just graduated from school and was thinking about all the big questions in life. I had always dreamed of one day being a mother. One thing that never occurred to me was that something like cancer could come out of left field and change my life forever. I was only 24 when I was faced with a decision that nobody should have to make: I had to decide to get a treatment that would save my life but would leave me unable to have children.

“I had to give up my dream of having children in order to save my own life. You don’t want to have to put limits on your life.”


“I had to give up my dream of having children in order to save my own life. You don’t want to have to put limits on your life.”

Today, she runs a fertility clinic and is working hard to raise awareness about cancers caused by HPV. She’s a pillar of strength and support for rallying other women and helping them in countless ways to be bolder and braver and to fight harder despite their diagnoses.

The stories are real. The women are real.
The risk is real.

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Why should you get vaccinated?


You can get the virus at any point in your life that you are sexually active. GARDASIL®9 is a vaccine that helps protect you against 9 HPV types that can lead to certain HPV-related cancers and diseases. It can be administered in individuals 9 through 45 years of age.

It’s not too late to get vaccinated!

Check out the Patient Guide to learn more about HPV vaccination.

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Know the facts about HPV

FACT: You may not even realize if you or your partner have an HPV infection.

You can spread the virus without knowing you are infected because you may not have any visible signs or symptoms. Each partner in a sexual relationship may carry the infection for many years without knowing it.

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If you’re aged 9–45, GET VACCINATED to help prevent cervical cancer.

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* Actual Canadian cervical cancer patient. May not be representative of all patients.
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