What if you could help prevent cervical cancer with a vaccine?

 HPV is responsible for nearly 100% of cervical cancer cases.

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In memory of Christa*

Even if you think you’re too young, you could still be at risk. This is Christa’s C-story.

Diagnosed at age 33

On the day I gave birth to my son, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Nothing could have been more of a shock to me. I struggled to share the news of my diagnosis with loved ones because I didn't want this serious news to take away from the very exciting news that I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

“It was the best day of my life, and the worst day of my life”

“It was the best day of my life, and the worst day of my life”

Christa was an incredible mother.  Although she sadly did not survive her battle with cancer, she was a fighter and was open and honest about her illness.

The stories are real. The women are real.
The risk is real.

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Why should you get vaccinated?

HPV infection can lead to several other HPV-related cancers and diseases in men and women.

On top of nearly 100% of all cervical cancer cases, HPV infection can also cause:

  • Vaginal or vulvar cancer 
  • Anal cancer
  • Genital warts

You can help protect yourself against certain HPV-related cancers and diseases by getting vaccinated.

Check out the Patient Guide to learn more about HPV vaccination

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Know the facts about HPV

FACT: If you have ever been sexually active, you could have an HPV infection.

It is estimated that 3 in 4 sexually-active Canadians will have at least one HPV infection during their lifetime.

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If you’re aged 9–45, GET VACCINATED to help prevent cervical cancer.

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Speak with a healthcare professional today—right on your smartphone or computer—about whether HPV vaccination could be right for you.

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* Actual Canadian cervical cancer patient. May not be representative of all patients.
† Some conditions and fees may apply.

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