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A step-by-step guide to getting vaccinated with GARDASIL®9


Step 1

If you’re interested in getting vaccinated with GARDASIL®9 or have questions about the vaccine, speak with your healthcare professional. Don’t have a family doctor or short on time? You can use the virtual consultation service to get connected with a certified healthcare professional who can evaluate if vaccination is right for you.*


Step 2

You may require a prescription to get the GARDASIL®9 vaccine. Even if you don’t, a prescription may be required for reimbursement by your private insurance plan. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners across Canada can prescribe HPV vaccines and, in certain provinces, Pharmacists can too. You can also use the virtual consultation service to have an HPV vaccine prescription sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.


Step 3

HPV vaccines can be purchased in most pharmacies. You can also use our vaccination clinic finder to find an outlet near you.

If you’re purchasing GARDASIL®9 at the pharmacy, it may be possible to get vaccinated at the same time. Speak with your Pharmacist ahead of time and check if there will be a nurse present who can administer the vaccine. If you’re picking up the vaccine to have it administered elsewhere or at a later date, make sure you store it in a refrigerator between 2–8ºC as soon as possible after purchase.


Step 4

Many private insurance plans reimburse some or all of the cost of GARDASIL®9, so make sure to check with your provider. Even if your plan does not include coverage for GARDASIL®9, it may still be covered under your health spending account.

If you bring your private insurance card when picking up your vaccine or purchase it at a pharmacy where they have your insurance information on file, you may only be asked to pay for the uncovered portion of the cost (if applicable). If you have coverage but paid the full cost upfront, you can submit a claim with your private insurance provider, which usually takes 3–5 business days to process.

* Some conditions and fees may apply.
Where appropriate, as determined by you and the provider.


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